*Special: Stay 6 nights and the 7th is free!

2017 RATES


Water, 30 Amp, Sewer-$37

Water & 30 Amp - $34

Water & 20 Amp - $34 

Unserviced - $30




Heated Pool & Splash Pad

Crystal Beach


Crystal Beach Campground Seasonal Rules and Payment Schedule


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Seasonal rate is $1835 HST included if paying by Visa or MC and $1800 if paid by cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer. Those who have a balance owing are expected to have site paid in full by May 1st. Cash payments must be paid in person, and cheques made payable to “Crystal Beach Campground”. If not paid, the site will be made available to other interested campers. Once paid, there is no refund after May1.

A deposit of $100 is due September 1st, 2017, to hold any seasonal site for 2018.

Any late payments will incur a 2% monthly charge on the balance owing. This charge will commence May 2nd.

Any lack of payment could result in removal of trailer from site and the site becomes available to others. To arrange for payment, please call 902-436-4984 and leave a message.

An additional $50 +HST charge applies to outside refrigerators. All refrigerators brought into the park must be small bar fridges.

A min. charge of $50 will apply if we are needed to move any property. ie. trailers, decks, etc.

A $3.00 charge will apply for visitors per person, per night, and has to be paid prior to the stay of your company.

All seasonal sites come with 1 free internet voucher. 1 additional voucher is $10 per month, 2 is $15, 3 is $20 and 4 is $25.

Deposits can be sent to address: April Wedge, 304 Greenwood Dr, Summerside, P.E., C1N-5E3. April is contact for all seasonal payments.


Opening on May 19th. and closing on September 25h., 2017.


Each seasonal is expected to read the RULES and their seasonal payment will serve as their commitment to follow the rules outlined and respect the campground and those who camp in it.

Rental of Trailers

Seasonals are allowed to rent their trailer as long as the trailer has been inspected by QTS and the customer is informed they have to check into the office and pay the nightly site rental. All rental information has to be logged into the campground system for security. The rent for the trailer is not the campgrounds responsibility and is up to the renter to make arrangements.

Selling of Seasonal Trailers

If a seasonal trailer has been sold, it does not include the site for the remainder of the summer. Upon selling a trailer, the site is then in the hands of the owner, no refunds will be made and if the new trailer owners want to stay in the site, they will have to discuss this with Matthew in the office and the decision upon staying will be at his discretion.


Rules Noted to be Frequently Broken

- No parking on empty sites or on the side of the road! There are other parking options.
  Our grass needs to grow and thrive & if you are parked there it makes it appear
  unavailable to campers looking for sites and also damages greenery making them
  undesirable. Side of road parking makes for unsafe emergency response.
- No trespassing through sites, even if there is no one on them.
- Office is a huge blind spot for children on road; please take extra caution when driving.

  Site Rules

- Decks are only to be built in sections 4X8 feet up to the length of your trailer.
- Keep sites garbage/clutter free at all times, unkept lot will result in a $50 fee.
- Alcohol beverages are to be kept on your site and under control. Confiscation and
  legal penalties may result if you fail to comply. You are responsible for the actions of
  those on your site
- All decorative lights are to be LED and on a timer from 8pm-2am
  Garbage Rules
- Waste Watch standards are in effect; large items or items from outside the campground
  are not to be disposed of at our facilities. In leaving large items, it makes a mess of the
  campground entrance . It is your responsibility to dispose of them properly.

  Pet Rules

- Pets are to be on a leash and cleaned up afterwards. Do not leave pets unattended.

  Pool Rules

- Please take note of posted pool rules. Adult must be on the deck supervising children
  12 and under at all times

General Park Rules

- Speed limit is 15km/hr at all times.
- Quiet time is 11pm-7am for all age groups, seven nights per week. Children are to be
  on their own site between these times. Park is for children 14 and under. No foul
  language and no karaoke machines permitted; please keep radios on low.
- All bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc to be returned to site once street lights come on,
  for safety. No pocket bikes or noisy toys permitted on the grounds.
- Stop your vehicle when passing by the office, follow street signs and also respect one
  way streets. Only individuals with valid drivers license are to operate vehicles.
- Visitors to leave the grounds by 10pm

Internet Information

-Our internet is not like the internet you would have at home. We do not allow streaming
  of videos or any type of TV streaming devises such as “Apple TV” as this severely limits
  the internet and in most cases disables it for other users. We are located in a rural
  area and have to work within limits. Air-Tech Communications are contracted once
  again to service our property and our hope is to expand on what we already have in
  place to make the service provided a better experience.

  Management reserves right to refuse service to anyone and has the final
  judgment on any and all decisions.



 Any questions, please call 1-902-436-4984 or e-mail Matthew at stay@crystalbeachcampground.net

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